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Casio taps Polygon Labs to launch G-SHOCK watch NFTs

The collection will have 15,000 limited edition G-SHOCK Creator Pass NFTs

Casio, a popular Japanese electronics maker, is partnering with Polygon Labs to launch its G-SHOCK watch on Polygon’s protocols.

The collection will have 15,000 limited edition G-SHOCK Creator Pass NFTs

Casio partners Polygon

Casio Computer Co. Ltd. has announced plans to launch its virtual G-SHOCK watches collection on Layer-2 Ethereum scalability platform Polygon Labs.

The collection is a 15,000 free-to-mint G-SHOCK Creator Pass NFTs which would allow holders to access the program’s newly unveiled Discord channel. On the channel, they can create different designs for the passes, with the winner being selected by community vote.

The roll out will begin September 23. With an early bird offer for Casio’s loyal fan base on the company’s site. Customers with CASIO ID can get the pre-distribution pass from September 23-26. Public distribution will be held from September 26-29.

This announcement comes after Casio trademark application with the US Patent and Trademark Office on August 22. The application covered various domains, virtual clothing, NFT-backed media, watches, and a virtual storefront for goods.

The Casio brand is an electronic giant well known for its digital wrist watch which has shipped over 100 million devices since its debut in 1983.

“In recent years, with the spread of the decentralized internet known as Web3, demand for experiences in virtual spaces has increased. We have launched this initiative to further expand the G-Shock brand by establishing points of contact with previously unreachable segments of the population,” said Takahashi Oh, senior general manager of Casio’s timepiece division, in a statement.

The NFTs will be minted on Polygon.

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Built for community

The passes will be pivotal in Casio’s attempt to push users to submit design ideas for the G-SHOCK creator pass. The winning design will become a variant of the NFT pass.

Casio picked Polygon for its infrastructure that offers “lightning-fast transactions” that upscales minting and managing NFTs. A seamless and convenient protocol experience made it the best partner for the timepiece maker.

Casio is not the only well-known brand to acknowledge the potential of Polygon’s Ethereum scaling solution. Other international companies have already started NFT projects on the platform, including DraftKings, Adidas, and Starbucks. These partnerships reveal a promising trend, showing how international brands are rapidly embracing the Web3 world even though the NFT sector is slowly becoming a shrinking cake.

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