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Google announces shift in policies, moves to allow blockchain apps on Play store

Google has updated its Play store policy to allow blockchain-based apps list.

Google has announced an update to its policies to allow blockchain-based games and apps on the store and within apps.

With the move, developers can now offer games and apps that allow buying and selling of digital assets on the Android market.

Google changes tune

According to a policy update shared on Wednesday by Google Play’s Group Product Manager Joseph Mills, Google will now allow blockchain-based games and apps on the Play Store.

The update seeks to balance the growing demand for innovative blockchain-based applications and the platform’s commitment to the safety of android users.

“From reimagining traditional games with user-owned content to boosting user loyalty through unique NFT rewards, we’re excited to see creative in-app experiences flourish and help developers expand their businesses,” wrote Mills.

According to the new policy:

  • Crypto exchanges and wallets must comply with applicable regulations in the region’s they target. Google may request additional information to prove to that they are complying with applicable regulations.
  • All apps that intend to let users sell or earn tokenized digital assets must be clear that they do so.
  • Gambling apps that integrate digital tokens will have to comply with Google’s special application process. Any app that doesn’t meet the requirement set by Google cannot allow money to be exchanged for tokens or NFTs. And NFTs can’t be used to wager to win fiat money.
  • Outright ban on on-device crypto mining. This is an old policy but the company is reiterating.

Reddit, which has had great success with its Avatar NFTs, was one of the collaborators on the new policy with Google. The amended policies, according to Matt Williamson, senior engineering manager at Reddit, are “aimed at creating a level playing field that promotes user trust, and responsible usage of blockchain technology.”

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Old rules be gone

Google has ensured a cooperative climate that benefits all parties by including developers in the formulation of these rules. The benefits of openness, consumer protection, and the promotion of new technologies have been highlighted as the key factors for this pivot.

Google previously maintained that blockchain-based games didn’t have a place on its Play store. The tech giant kicked out Bitcoin Blast in 2021 without an explanation. In 2018, the store banned crypto mining apps.

Overall, the tech firm has shown a recent change in its stance on Web3, allowing the decentralized data storage software ArDrive Mobile to launch in the store in 2022 and approving the listing of Axie Infinity: Origins in some Google Play markets. In parallel, Google Cloud unveiled a program in April 2023 to support Web3 developers’ startup growth.

It’s expected that the new policy will roll out fully on December 7th as the company tests the new experiences in some markets this summer.

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