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The agency also listed several wallet addresses  linked to the transactions, where the funds are now being held. was the victim of a cyberattack which drained almost $41M from its coffers three days ago. The attack had begun with the hacker sending around $16M in a first batch of transfers, then $25.6M in another tranche. 

A new statement from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) now contends that the attacker was the notorious Lazarus Group. 

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Drake-backed crypto gambling firm, was hacked on Monday. The hackers were responsible for draining $41M in digital assets from the crypto casino, per new statement released by the FBI. 

The FBI attributed the attack to North Korea and the state-sponsored Lazarus Group. The bureau confirmed that the attackers drained funds from stake via the Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon chain networks. 

“The FBI has confirmed that this theft took place on or about September 4, 2023, and attributes it to the Lazarus Group (also known as APT38) which is comprised of DPRK cyber actors,” the agency said in a press release

The agency also listed several wallet addresses  linked to the transactions, where the funds are now being held. It cautioned crypto exchanges to look out for the addresses and avoid transacting with them. 

The agency added: “private sector entities are encouraged to review the previously released Cyber Security Advisory on TraderTraitor and examine the blockchain data associated with the above-referenced virtual currency addresses and be vigilant in guarding against transactions directly with, or derived from, those addresses.”

Other firms corroborate the FBI

Blockchain security firms like Certik and Arkham both claimed that the attacker bridged funds to avalanche and then to the Bitcoin Blockchain. 

The founder of Edward Craven noted that the attackers used a sophisticated breach that exploited a service the casino uses to authorise crypto transactions. However, he noted that the attack won’t stop their operations. 

The notorious North Korean Lazarus Group was added to the U.S. sanctions list in 2019. The organization, also known as APT38, is linked to multiple popular attacks that have cost well over a $2B. The FBI reports that Lazarus Group has stolen more than $200M in cryptocurrency this year alone. 

Authorities said Lazarus was also behind other high-profile cryptocurrency heists, including the $100M Atomic Wallet exploit, the $100M attack on Harmony’s Horizon bridge, and the theft of over $600M from Sky Mavis’ Ronin bridge.

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