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Trezor launches three new hardware products, including Bitcoin-only wallet

Czech hardware wallet maker Trezor has released three new entry-level products as demand for self-custody grows.

Hardware wallet company Trezor launched three new products today, the company has announced.

The new line-up consists of the Trezor Safe 3; the Trezor Keep Metal, and Trezor Safe 3 Bitcoin only, which comes in celebration of the company’s 10-year anniversary.

Matěj Žák, CEO of Trezor, said that Bitcoin is no longer a “niche interest”, with one billion forecasted users by 2027. He added, “Events over the last year or so have demonstrated the risks people are taking when they entrust the custody of their cryptocurrencies to centralised exchanges. Time and again, we’ve seen the reality of ‘not your keys, not your coins’ play out.”

Let’s take a look at the new products in closer detail.

#1 Trezor Safe 3

The most versatile of the three is the Trezor Safe 3, which is designed to be straight-forward and affordable. It supports more than 7000 cryptocurrencies and retails for $79.

It comes five years after the release of the popular Trezor Model T, which debuted in 2018.

The Safe 3 adds a new level of security and has tamper-resistance hardware to protect it against physical attacks, which are becoming increasingly common.

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It also has a strong passphrase which is not stored in the device, and it integrates with the Trezor Suite desktop application.

#2 Trezor Safe 3 – Bitcoin only (limited edition)

It’s been 10 years since Trezor introduced the world’s first Bitcoin hardware wallet. To celebrate, the company has released a limited-edition Bitcoin-only Trezor Safe 3, which is limited to just 2013 editions (a nod to the company’s breakthrough year).

As the name suggests, it runs solely on Bitcoin-only firmware, and it’s available in Bitcoin orange.

It retails at $79, $21 of which will be donated to the Trezor Academy – a Bitcoin education initiative.

#3 Trezor Keep Metal (seed recovery device)

The Trezor Keep Metal is a sleek hardware solution that safeguards the recovery seed phrase, which is the most important safety feature of any wallet. If the hardware wallet is ever lost, damaged or stolen, users can use the device to restore access to their wallet and funds.

The Keep Metal can be used for 12 or 24 word standard backups. It’s designed to keep the seed safe under “any conditions”, including fire, water, acid and impacts. The hardware is made from aerospace-grade stainless steel, is resistant to corrosion, and has a watertight seal.

It costs $99, but the Trezor Keep Metal which caters for 3 x 20-word with Shamir backup sells for a higher price of $249.

Matěj Žák commented, “We understand that self-custody can be intimidating, especially for newcomers. That’s why we have designed the new wallets and the backup solution with beginners in mind. They’re packed with security features to keep digital assets safe.”

He hopes that managing crypto via cold storage is now “easier than ever”.

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