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Unheard David Bowie Song to be Released as NFT

The NFT will feature a never-heard-before version of the 1983 smash hit Let’s Dance.

An unreleased version of David Bowie’s iconic song Let’s Dance will soon be released as an NFT via Gala Music, an offshoot of Gala Games. Bowie is widely considered to be one of the most prolific songwriters of the 20th century, producing an incredible 27 studio albums during his lifetime.

Gala Music announced its partnership with music producer Larry Dvoskin and Warner-Chappell Music on Thursday.

The NFT collection will feature 3,003 NFTs on a pay-what-you-wish basis. Dvoskin, who produced the track with Bowie in 2002, described the track as a “more dreamy, electronic” version of the hit.

All initial proceeds will be donated to MusiCares, a charity that supports those in the music community by providing preventive, emergency and recovery programs.

Dvoskin said: “When I first talked with the executor of the Bowie Estate, he told me he initially planned to listen to my pitch about releasing this as an NFT and then politely pass. But when he pulled up the original 2002 email in which Bowie expressed his enthusiasm for doing the recording, that changed his mind.

“This was a creative endeavor David never got to see released during his lifetime. We are honoring his wish by releasing it now.”

The NFT will be released on April 14th, exactly four decades after the release of the original track. Each NFT will also contain a piece of Bowie-inspired artwork that will unlock access to the song.

Dvoskin clarified that the version isn’t from the Bowie Estate, but the Estate did have a brush with Web3 last year with the launch of Bowie on the Blockchain.

The Bowie on the Blockchain collection featured work from nine artists, including Pussy Riot‘s Nadya Tolokonnikova. It was launched in partnership with OpenSea.

Tolokonnikova said in a statement: “David Bowie to me is a platonic ideal of an artist, charismatic, passionate, imaginative, magnetic af, he always puts art x curiosity x subversion over profit, a magician and a muse. I’m in awe and will always be. David Bowie is my dad.”

The Bowie on the Blockchain collection has a trading volume of 445 ETH (approx USD $828,140) on OpenSea, but all 100% of profits to the Bowie Estate were donated to Care charity.

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