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XRP Healthcare expands to Dubai, partners with Burnratty Investment Group for IPO

XRP Healthcare, the first healthcare company on the XRP Ledger, said that Dubai is “more favourable and progressive” than jurisdictions such as the UK.

XRP Healthcare, a blockchain-based pharma and healthcare company built on the XRP Ledger, is expanding into Dubai and the Middle East, the company has confirmed.

An October 30 press release states the company recognises the Middle East’s “forward thinking approach” to crypto, which is “more favourable and progressive” than other jurisdictions, such as the UK.

XRP Healthcare’s Business Development Officer Laban Roomes said that “Dubai’s progressive regulatory framework makes it the ideal destination for XRP Healthcare’s expansion and upward trajectory.”

Roomes is an entrepreneur who featured on BBC Dragon’s Den in 2007, securing funding for his gold-plating business, Goldgenie. His LinkedIn profile shows that he has also invested in medicinal cannabis (Marigold Projects Jamaica), later selling shares to Aphria (TSX: APHA)- a publicly listed Canadian cannabis producer and distributor.

He added that the project does not intend to “make people rich overnight”, but rather intends to build a real-world utility businesses that consolidates the “highly fragmented private healthcare sector”, starting in Africa.

What does XRP Healthcare have planned?

Roomes pointed to the XRP roadmap, detailing the company’s plan from now until 2027.

Over the next three to four years, it aims to acquire more than 2000 pharmacies, medical centres and hospitals, onboarding companies onto its decentralised marketplace. By 2026, its native token, XRPH, will be accepted for payments and services at all 2000+ XRP Healthcare pharmacies, medical centres and hospitals, the roadmap claims.

There are also plans in the pipeline for an IPO by 2027, facilitated through a strategic partnership with The Burnratty Investment Group.

Kain Roomes, Founder of XRP Healthcare, said that the company’s shift to Dubai represents a “significant leap” in the project’s journey, adding that it’s “one that combines healthcare innovation with the transformative power of blockchain technology”. 

“In a world where data integrity and privacy are paramount, we are proud to be creating solutions that redefine how healthcare mergers and acquisitions will be conducted. As part of our expansion, we will be collaborating with local healthcare professionals, businesses, and investors in Dubai and the Middle East, with the main goal of enhancing patient care on a global scale.”

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