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Rarible trading volume soars after decision to remove OpenSea from aggregator following royalties back-track

Rarible saw a 637% boost after announcing it will remove OpenSea from its aggregator following their decision to stop enforcing creator royalties.

NFT creators had a shock on August 18 when OpenSea, one of the largest NFT marketplaces, announced it will stop enforcing creator royalty fees on secondary sales.

The decision provoked industry-wide outrage for creators and businesses who first turned to the NFT market with the promise of receiving perpetual royalties for their work and services.

Rarible, a sizable aggregator NFT marketplace, took a stand against both OpenSea and other platforms that do not enforce creator royalties by removing them from its aggregated data. The platform will stop aggregating orders from OpenSea, LooksRare and X2Y2 by September 30.

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Data from DappRadar shows that Rarible’s 24-hour trading volume soared by 637% on August 23, following the announcement.

Writing on X, Alex Salnikov, co-founder of Rarible, said “The principle of royalties is at the heart of decentralization – a continual affirmation of a creator’s value in every transaction. We stand in solidarity with creators and artists. That’s why we will no longer support marketplaces that neglect royalties.”

Rarible 7-day trading volume: DappRadar

He added that decentralisation dispels the “stigma of the starving artist” by supporting them through true ownership and ongoing earnings via royalties.

“This space is about redefining the paradigm in which creativity is valued and compensated. We cannot continue to standby as that promise is taken away,” he said.

DappRadar’s Head of Content argued on X that Rarible is “using the fumble by OpenSea in their favour”, in what he dubs a “smart move”.

Yuga Labs, the company behind blue-chip projects Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club, also took a stand against OpenSea, announcing it would be sunsetting support for the platform. 

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Yuga Labs CEO Daniel Alegre said “as much as NFTs have been about users truly owning their digital assets, they’ve also been about empowering creators. Yuga believes in protecting creator royalties so creators are properly compensated for their work.” 

OpenSea royalties will now become ‘tips’

OpenSea insists that creator fees ‘aren’t going away’, they’re just changing.

On August 31, the platform will disable its Operator Filter – a tool that enforces royalties for creators. From March 2024, the royalties will become tips, which will be a percentage of sale price that sellers are willing to give the original creator.

The Operator Tool is a piece of code that’s designed to uphold creator fees, but many platforms, including Blur, Dew, and LooksRare, have been able to bypass this. 

OpenSea clarified: “In November 2022, we launched the Operator Filter: a tool designed to give creators more control by restricting the sale of their collections to web3 marketplaces that enforce creator fees in secondary sales.”

They added: “It was meant to empower creators with greater control over their web3 business models, but it required the buy-in of everyone in the web3 ecosystem, and unfortunately that has not happened.”

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