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Theta patents Edge computing technology run by smart contract

The patent, numbered 11,763,332, creates the foundation for processing generalised computing tasks via Theta’s Edge network.

Theta Labs has been awarded a new patent by the US Patent Office. The patent relates to its edge computing platform, supported by smart contracts.

Theta patents smart contract-enabled edge computing.

Theta, a leading platform for blockchain-based media and entertainment, has patented an edge computing platform supported by smart contracts.

The patent, numbered 11,763,332, creates the foundation for processing generalised compute tasks via Theta’s Edge network.

According to a Medium post on the announcement, the new patent will ease the seamless settlement of crypto transactions by combining the scalability of the edge computing network with the security that smart contracts offer.

Through a secured peer-to-peer connection over the Theta network, an initiator node will send task details to an Edge network node, which the Edge node will resolve through computational tasks and verify using smart contracts.

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This technology allows Theta to deliver various media and entertainment computing use cases. The Theta network can benefit new areas like generative AI, smart grids, IoT, and cloud gaming. The scalability and flexibility of the new patent allow smart contracts and nodes to communicate with cheaper computing power through untapped resources.

The new patent comes after Theta secured a parent for data streaming and delivery in May.

It also has patents for ultra-high transaction throughput micropayments and methods of peer node discovery. The blockchain-based media company is collecting patents that will allow it to scale and protect its proprietary technology and ecosystem.

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