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World’s first blockchain hotel platform to launch this summer as Web3 hospitality trend grows is hotel booking platform supported by a blockchain infrastructure. is gearing up to launch a new Web3 hotel booking platform this summer, tapping into the growing Web3 hospitality industry. 

Founded by Michael Ros, a travel tech entrepreneur who also founded the no-commission hotel booking platform Bidroom, aims to bridge the gap between traditional hospitality and the rapidly expanding world of Web3.

According to the release, users will be able to log into the platform with their crypto wallets, receive hotel offers in the form of NFTs, and make payments using their preferred cryptocurrencies. Property owners on the other hand will continue to receive payments in fiat currencies, ensuring a smooth transition. 

What are the benefits of

The key advantages of embracing Web3 are primarily security, accessibility and personalisation. By leveraging the irreversible, final settlement property of crypto payments, the platform helps hotels “mitigate fraudulent activity and chargebacks—which account for nearly $3 billion in annual losses”.

The platform also claims that transaction fees will be significantly lower than traditional booking platforms, resulting in competitive rates for travellers. Powered by L1 blockchain Camino, also plans to reward users with Camino Network tokens (CAM) for making reservations and referring others.’s embrace of AI is also a big selling point. The release outlines that the platform “employs advanced AI search tools and algorithms to analyze users’ preferences and travel patterns, delivering custom-tailored hotel booking suggestions that cater to their unique tastes”. 

The Web3 hospitality sector is growing rapidly.

The market potential for is promising. The hotel booking industry is projected to reach $10.27 billion this year, with forecasts predicting a staggering $48.27 billion by 2030. 

The Web3 hospitality sector however goes far beyond hotels and OTAs.

Other Web3 concierge companies, such as Ethereum-native Drunken Monkey Members’ Club, offer members a huge range of traditional concierge services via NFT ownership, including yacht chartering, travel services, priority restaurant bookings, sports/concert tickets, private events and more.

Drunken Monkey first launched in April last year and has grown exponentially in the months since, partnering with hundreds of exclusive venues and service providers around the world.

Unlike, an online service provider, accessing the Drunken Monkey Members Club is competitive. According to their website, the project is currently accepting new members via a selective application round before going to public sale next year.

Project founder Gavin Berry told NFT Evening in November he is “confident that in 2023, the value of every Drunken Monkey NFT will increase exponentially, based on the underlying utility and current floor price trend. A Drunken Monkey NFT not only comes with lifetime access but is fully tradable on the secondary market if the holder wishes to sell. It’s a redeemable membership in many ways.”

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